Style Guide


BE INTENTIONAL IN THE PLANNING! Remember that the clothing you choose to wear will be a very large part of the pictures. Do you want to print a book of these photos, hang them on a wall, share them with family? Think about the purpose. Do you want them to communicate the season?


BEWARE THE NO-NOs! Hear me out! It’s ok to break the rules sometimes, but in general here is my go to list of styles to avoid!

  1. Words and Logos
  2. Clashing Patterns
  3. Neon Anything
  4. Itchy / Uncomfortable Clothing
  5. Too Small / Too Big
  6. Matchy – Matchy (This is the one I’m so guilty of breaking … but, in general, coordinating is so much better than matching, because coordinating similar styles creates dimension, depth, and contrast with clothes that compliment each other. As well, matching calls attention to your clothing rather than to the people in the photo!)


Choose a color palette! This is the best place to start when planning! It increases your confidence that you’re creating the photo gallery that you want! There are so many options for color palettes but I’ll provide my FAB5!

  1. Neutrals
  2. Blues
  3. Earth
  4. Fall
  5. Spring Pastels


Add depth and details! Have you ever noticed that the most well put together person usually has layers and accessories? All those tiny layers and accessories add depth and details to your photos and this is so very important! Here are a few ideas of accessories to add this to your photos:

  1. Vests & Men’s Suit Jackets
  2. Jewelry
  3. Hats & Bows
  4. Manicure and clean under your fingernails
  5. Curls and Hair Styles


Let me stress, you relax! You just had a baby, enjoy this moment! Babies cry, it’s ok! Some things to remember!

  1. Comfort for baby is vital! Think warm, full tummy, clean bottom, sleepy when it’s time for photos!
  2. Remember that my style is very casual, lifestyle & I am not going to move baby into complicated poses.
  3. Clean the spaces that you want in the photos: nursery, parents bed, living room, front porch.
  4. If you’re comfortable with baby using a pacifier, have it handy! This helps baby to fall asleep in poses because of their strong sucking reflex at this age!
  5. Feel free to make it personal with sentimental items!