Terms & Conditions

Deposit Fees and Refunds

All fees are nonrefundable and due 48 hours before your session. If you cancel your session for any reason, you forfeit all payments made. If you need to reschedule due to contagious illness, you may do so by calling Crystal (972)786-4141. No refunds will occur.

Early = On Time

Please be on time to your session, arrive 15 minutes early to adjust wardrobe, park, and find Crystal Martin at your location. Please call Crystal (972)786-4141 if you are running late, so that she knows to wait for you. If you are late to your session, the length from the scheduled start time is not extended.


If you are 30 minutes late to your session, Crystal has permission to leave the location, and you will not be refunded.


Crystal will edit your session using lightroom or photoshop to ensure the best lighting and quality of your photos. Minor changes in photoshop might be made for artistic purposes such as opening closed eyes when possible, removing minor blemishes or bug bites, liquifying occassionally (making a maternity bump more round in a close up or slimming arms), removing objects that are distracting to the eye and within my ability to remove. All of these edits that Crystal decides to edit for the artistic quality of the photo are included in your session fee. I do not heavily photoshop nor digitally alter your appearance, teeth, hair, or clothing.

Zero Tolerance

Harassment, discrimination, threatening, foul language, or any illegal or inappropriate behaviour are not tolerated. If you act in this manner, your session will be canceled or ended immediately.


Some locations have additional fees, please refer to my Locations Webpage for a list of possible locations.

Normal editing turn around is within 2 weeks from the date of your session.

Model Release

Crystal Martin may use any photo publicly for marketing purposes on social media, website, or in print advertising. Crystal Martin also maintains the right to profit from her photography in magazines, competitions or other Business related endeavors. Newborns and children’s names will never be shared by Crystal Martin for purposes of privacy and safety. Client is given a print release, photographer maintains copyright.